ICON Project updates in 2024

The ICON project – Capacity building for the IVS movement in impact assessment, communication, and community building, is a collaborative initiative funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. It brings together INEX-SDA as the lead coordinator, along with CCIVS, PVN Albania, and GAIA Kosovo. The project aims to enhance the capacity of organisations in impact assessment, external communication, and dissemination.

CCIVS’s participation in ICON reaffirms our commitment to highlight and emphasise the value of IVS in the world, and builds up on over 10 years of experience in Impact Assessment via various projects and initiatives. We invite you to learn more about CCIVS and our Impact Assessment journey by reading the “CCIVS Impact Report 2010-2020” available on our website.

Currently, the ICON consortium is finalising an impact assessment survey to measure various aspects of volunteer experiences and outcomes, through extensive discussions, they have identified core areas to assess. This phase has been challenging due to the need to standardise questions across diverse organisations, each with its unique focus and objectives.

The finalised questionnaire will be distributed to volunteers post-workcamp, with CCIVS managing distribution to member organisations for implementation during the current workcamp season. This pilot phase will gather data to refine the questionnaire and ensure its effectiveness, with the intention of carrying out a second pilot testing next year.

Additionally, the consortium is planning a web analytics training session for the autumn. This training aims to equip members with skills to understand website visitor flow, interaction with content, and strategies to enhance engagement. By leveraging web analytics, organisations can optimise their online presence and improve outreach.

Manuals are being developed on each of the core areas of the project and once completed, will be shared with members.

As the ICON project progresses, stakeholders and participants are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and activities. The successful implementation of these tools and training will be of significant benefit to the IVS movement.