International Solidarity Fund

The International Solidarity Fund is a system where members and donors can make voluntary contributions in order to support the activities of CCIVS and its members.

Up to 100% of the travel costs and hosting costs (based on the cheapest operations of travel) may be assigned for activities of the member organisations. The applicant should fill in an application form which lists the activity, the importance of the activity, and why it is important for the IVS network. The CCIVS Secretariat can provide the application form on request:

The ISF can be used for:
A. Youth representation in CCIVS’s activities.
B. Emergent actions on the special situations such as disasters, conflicts (i.e., Palestine), etc.
C. Pilot IVS projects in countries where IVS is not yet existing.
D. Any other activities the EC and members may consider to be necessary for the purpose of ISF.

If you would like to support the ISF please make a donation on one of the links below: