The Secretariat

 Is composed of the Director and other staff members who shall have an agreed fixed contract of employment. The Director is responsible for smooth functioning of the Secretariat and reports to the EC and the President on implementation of the decision of the GA and EC. The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day administration of CCIVS, ensures liaison with the member organisations, direct the different services of the headquarters and assists member organisations in the fulfillment of any project or task which may be entrusted to them by the GA or the EC.


Linndgberg was born and raised in El Salvador until the age of 10. He then grew up in Los Angeles, California, where he lived for 13 years. He moved to…
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Vicky has been involved in the field of International Voluntary Service since 2003 working on diverse actions and projects around the world; she is…
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Juliet Blanco is a Digital Communication Specialist, Sociology Professor and Bachelor, and Content Creator. From Argentina but currently…
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We also would like to thank all the volunteers that have joined the CCIVS Secretariat from one month to one year, supporting the daily work and contributing to the life of the network. 

Freelance Contributors

Hani is an experienced strategic communication professional from Indonesia with an extensive background in working in NGOs and educational…
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The following expert facilitators, trainers, project support, and designers have joined the CCIVS team over recent years (In reverse alphabetical order):

Valerie Weidinger, Teddy Tezira Babirye, Sudam Jayasinghe, Samuel Musanyusa Zziwa, Rocio Ruete, Rita Albuquerque, Oriol Josa, Nunzio Soricaro, Miki Ambrózy, Mick Petersmann, Mauro Carta, Matina Deligianni, Madeleine Joss, Laetitia Barbry, Kate Curtis, Júlia Pérez Lema, Julia Nieto, Jelena Ristic Beronja, Javier Larios, Hamza Al-Shayeb, Ingrid Danckaerts, Giada Martin, Govina Sharma, Gianni Orsini, François Ribaud, Francesco Volpini, Donna Mae Ocmeja, Clara Giberga, Borja Franco Garzón, Bogdan Imre, Belén Fernández, Ariel Gonzales, Andrea Alderette, Adrienn, Adam Elsod.