Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for directing the work of CCIVS in the framework of the constitution and the policies and resolutions of the GA.

The composition of the EC shall ensure a proper continental and regional representation of the full member organisations of CCIVS. It meets at least once a year and is convened at the request of the President.Between the General Assemblies, the Executive Committee is responsible for directing the work of CCIVS within the framework of the Constitution and the decisions and resolutions of the General Assembly
(CCIVS Constitution, Article 19.1)

Ratherford MWARUTA

EC member, Zimbabwe Workcamps Association Ratherford joined Zimbabwe Workcamps Association soon after its inception in 1995…  Keep reading


Bert has been volunteering with voluntary service organisations and projects since 1977. He was a member of the InternationalKeep reading

Dorcas JENA

Dorcas Jena is the co-founder and Project coordinator at South Africa Volunteer Workcamp Association (SAVWA). Keep reading


Luz Gutiérrez is a Sociologist with an M.S.c in International Development Studies. She is defined as having… Keep reading

Veronika MARKOVÁ

Veronika Marková has been involved in the IVS movement for more than 12 years. Initially as a volunteer before… Keep reading

Cristiano LAM

Cristiano LAM is currently the Vice President of the Advisory Board at the Macau New Chinese Youth Association (MNCYA), and also…  Keep reading

Internal Auditor

Katalin SOMLAI

Katalin is a Finance and Organizational Development expert with a Master degree in Economics and Sociology from Corvinas University… Keep reading

Presidents since 1948

1L. Meilink (president of Conference)1949
2Willy Begert (president of Conference)1950
3Dorothea Woods1951
4Maurice Tadier1952
5Ethelwyn Best1952-1953
6Jacqueline Aviet1953-1954
7Dorothy Abbott1954-1955
8Louise Kachel1955
9Wilbur Mullen1956
10Jean-Michel Bazinet1957
11Erwin Goering1958
12Nicholas Paster1959-1962
13Roger Briottet1962-1964
14Hans-Peter Mueller1964-1967
15Frank Judd1967-1970
16Archie Le Mone1970-1975
17Guillermo Giacosa1975-1977
18Rao Chelikani1977-1992
19Thierry Picquart1992-1998
20Gianni Orsini1998-2004
21Shinichiro Kaizawa2004-2007
22Jinsu Yom2007-2012
23Matina Deligianni2012-2016
24Ingrid Danckaerts2016-2021
25Rolando Kandel2021-2023
26Ratherford Mwaruta2023-2025