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Are you an individual or an organisation passionate about International Voluntary Service (IVS)? Join CCIVS as a supporter and be part of a global movement dedicated to fostering international understanding, promoting social justice, and advancing climate justice.

Introduction to CCIVS

Welcome to the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service – CCIVS. As a non-governmental, non-profit international organisation, CCIVS is dedicated to fostering the development and coordination of voluntary service initiatives worldwide

Created under the aegis of UNESCO in 1948 and established with a commitment to promoting peace, understanding, and social justice, CCIVS operates with a global perspective, advocating for positive change at national, regional, and international levels


CCIVS’s objectives are deeply rooted in its mission to create a more inclusive, just, and sustainable world. You can read more about CCIVS here.

Join the Movement

Whether you’re an individual passionate about volunteerism, an organisation committed to social change, or a community seeking to make a difference, CCIVS welcomes you to join us in our mission.
Become a CCIVS supporter today and be part of a global movement dedicated to creating positive change, fostering understanding, and building a more just and sustainable world for all.

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CCIVS Supporter – Individuals

Benefits of Becoming a CCIVS Supporter:

– Stay informed: Receive updates about CCIVS activities and initiatives through our member mailing list.

– Engage as an observer: Attend the CCIVS General Conference and General Assembly to gain insights into our work and contribute ideas, You will also have the opportunity to meet people from 18 to 30 years old from the Youth Committee of CCIVS making a difference in the world.

– Expand your professional networks by meeting professionals from the volunteer sector in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

– Propose ideas: Share your proposals and ideas with the CCIVS Secretariat and Executive Committee to support our mission.

– Represent CCIVS: With prior approval from the Executive Committee, represent CCIVS in relevant instances aligned with our Strategic Plan.

– Financial support: Contribute to CCIVS’s sustainability by paying an annual supporter fee of 20 euros a year.

Constitutional Requirements:

As outlined in the CCIVS Constitution, supporters align with our core objectives, including promoting international understanding, climate justice, cultural diversity, and human rights.

Read the constitution here.

Guide for CCIVS Supporters:

1. Application Procedure:

– Interested organisations or individuals may apply to become CCIVS supporters.

– Applications are reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee.

– Former Executive Committee members are automatically eligible for supporter status.

– An annual supporter fee applies.

2. Rights and Responsibilities:

– Adherence to CCIVS Constitution provisions is mandatory.

– Representation of CCIVS can only take place with prior approval from the Executive Committee.

– Adhere to CCIVS’s financial, privacy, and personal information policies.

If you have time that you would like to donate to CCIVS here are some Engagement Opportunities:

Support LevelPossible Support Aspects
Member Level Support– Programming: Support capacity-building efforts for IVS organisations.

– Resource Mobilisation: Aid fundraising and implementation efforts.
CCIVS/Secretariat Level-Tracking Results: Contribute to strengthening CCIVS’s organisational structure.

– Advocacy: Support CCIVS advocacy efforts.

– Resource Mobilisation: Assist in mobilising resources for CCIVS initiatives.

Join Us Today!

Be part of a global movement dedicated to promoting International Voluntary Service, international understanding, and social justice. Apply to become a supporter, and your application will be reviewed promptly by the CCIVS Executive Committee.

Apply Now to support CCIVS and its mission!


To apply, send an email sharing your motivation and any experience you have with CCIVS, or its members to: 

20 euros annual fee to be paid after CCIVS review.

CCIVS Supporter – Organisations

Explore New Horizons: Join CCIVS as a Supporter!

Unlock Opportunities for Collaboration Beyond Borders

Are you an organisation seeking to broaden your horizons and engage in impactful global initiatives? Look no further! Join CCIVS as a supporter and embark on a journey of collaboration, innovation, and positive change.

Why Become a CCIVS Supporter?

– Global Networking: Connect with a diverse network of organisations and individuals across Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe passionate about international cooperation, cultural diversity, and social justice.
– Insights into Global Issues: Gain valuable insights into pressing global challenges, including climate justice, human rights, and cultural preservation, through participation in CCIVS events and activities.

Strategic Partnerships: Explore opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations with CCIVS and its extensive network of members and supporters worldwide.

– Enhanced Visibility: Elevate your organisation’s profile and visibility on the global stage by aligning with CCIVS’s mission and values.

Your Role as a CCIVS Supporter:

– Contribute Ideas: Share your expertise and ideas to help shape CCIVS’s strategic direction and initiatives, contributing to positive social impact on a global scale.

– Advocacy and Awareness: Support CCIVS’s advocacy efforts on key global issues, amplifying your organisation’s voice and impact on the international stage.

– Resource Mobilisation: Explore opportunities to mobilise resources and funding for joint projects and initiatives, leveraging CCIVS’s global network and resources.

How to Get Involved:

Ready to explore new horizons and expand your organisation’s global footprint? Apply to become a CCIVS supporter today and join us in promoting international cooperation, cultural exchange, and social justice worldwide!

Apply Now to become a CCIVS supporter and unlock a world of opportunities!

Contact Us  for more information or inquiries about becoming a supporter.

How to Apply:

Fill in an online application form that includes information about your organisation and the reason for which you would like to follow CCIVS activities:

100 euros annual fee to be paid after CCIVS review. 

Contact Us for more information or inquiries.

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