How to become a Member?

Membership of CCIVS brings you into our worldwide network which is itself linked to other regional and international structures including those of the United Nations system. 

This will enable you to:

Actively participate in a diverse global network bringing together IVS organisations from different networks and backgrounds
Improve the recognition of your organisation and provide you with a means to communicate and develop partnerships and exchanges with IVS organisations around the world
Receive information on IVS organisation’s programmes
Have a link to the UN system through the CCIVS status with UNESCO, ECOSOC, and FAO
Exchange and participate in events with international agencies
Provide visibility for your organisation by appearing in the CCIVS membership book which is published on diverse platforms and promoted through our website
Be kept up to date on CCIVS activities and events through our mailing list
Benefit from capacity building provided for CCIVS members; access funded/partially funded training opportunities and have your projects promoted through our global campaign and programs
Join in the development of the CCIVS Global Network and in its Plan of Action to develop common programmes and activities
CCIVS is predominantly occupied with International Voluntary Service, and the status of full member therefore requires a proof of the involvement of your organisation in sending and/or hosting international volunteers, ideally for either short-term (workcamps) or medium and long term (MLTV) programmes

The CCIVS Constitution foresees three different kinds of membership:

Full member
Any CCIVS candidate member wishing to become a full member may apply to the General Assembly for full membership after having completed a minimum of 1 year of candidate membership. (Cf. Art 5.2 of CCIVS constitution).

Candidate organisation 
Any nonprofit organisation whose activities and objectives are consistent with those listed in Chapter 1 of the CCIVS Constitution and which is actively involved in International Voluntary Service and/or the coordination of it, may apply for candidate membership of CCIVS. Following a decision of the GA they may immediately be accepted as a full member. (Cf. Art 5.1 of CCIVS constitution).
Affiliated organisation 
Any organisation which holds membership within an international/regional network which is a full member of CCIVS is considered an affiliated organisation. (Cf. Art 5.3 of CCIVS constitution).

CCIVS Supporters

Any organisation or individual that does not fit the above criteria but wishes to support and remain in regular contact with CCIVS can become a “supporter”.
(Cf. Art 5.4 of CCIVS constitution).

The network promotes the cooperation between members through projects and campaigns, seminars, regional structures and joint actions. It also promotes the concept of voluntary service in new areas and encourages pilot projects and initiatives in different thematic fields of work, supporting the capacity building and quality improvement of volunteers involving organisations.
Please note that all the application documents must be in English. Applications are considered by the CCIVS’ Executive Committee (EC), the acceptance by the EC is subject to ratification by the General Assembly of CCIVS, taking place once every two years. The Secretariat circulates the complete application among the EC members, which takes a final decision by its next physical meeting at the latest. In case your application cannot be considered favourably, the inscription fee paid by you in advance shall be reimbursed. The administration fee is non refundable.

Please read the:
CCIVS Affiliation Letter

Please make sure you also read the Constitution of CCIVS, Membership Fees and International Solidarity Fund, and the Guidelines Membership Rights: