General Assembly

The General Assembly

is the highest governing body of CCIVS. It is composed of full and associate members and it is held at least once in two years. All member organisations have the right to participate in the GA. The GA shall elaborate a programme of action deciding and structuring the activities, the priorities and responsibilities for activities in the period between General Assemblies.

Past General Assemblies

1UNESCO ParisApril 1948 
2UNESCO ParisMarch 1949 
3UNESCO ParisApril 1950 
4UNESCO ParisApril 1951 
5UNESCO ParisMarch 1952 
6UNESCO ParisMarch 1953 
7Marly-le-Roi (France)April 1954 
8Marly-le-Roi (France)March 1955 
9Chamonix (France)March 1956 
10Bonn (Germany)March 1957 
11New Delhi (India)January 1958 
12Niska Banja (Yugoslavia)March 1960 
13N’Kpwang (Cameroon)March 1962 
14Linz (Austria)March 1964 
15Rosario (Argentina)February 1966 
16St. Cergue (Switzerland)December 1968 
17Varna (Bulgaria)December 1970 
18Tema (Ghana)February 1973 
19Khaldeh (Lebanon)March 1975 
20Panama City (Panama)March 1978 
21Bangalore (India)December 1980 
22Marly-le-Roi (France)December 1983 
23Accra (Ghana)November 1986 
24Hamamet (Tunisia)December 1989 
25Moscow (Russia)January 1993 
26Berlin (Germany)November 1995 
27Bouznika (Morocco)November 1998 
28Beauvoisin (France)November 2001 
29Nairobi (Kenya)November 2004 
30Lviv (Ukraine)November 2007 
31Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)December 2010 
32San Cristobal de las Casas (México)December 2012GA Report 2012
33Seoul (South Korea)October 2014GA Report 2014
34Bouznika (Morocco)November 2016GA Report 2016
35Kundapur (India)November 2018GA Report 2018
36OnlineNovember 2021GA Report 2021
37Loutraki (Greece)November 2023GA Report 2023