Partnerships & Sponsoring

With 75 years of experience and members across the globe, CCIVS builds partnerships outside of the IVS sector in order to strengthen our work and to contribute our expertise to the development of innovative projects and global dialogues.

Our origin and focus is on peace and reconciliation. We bring together international volunteers to join with local communities, empowering each other in creating meaningful change locally and globally.  The issues we address include intercultural understanding, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. We are experts at providing specific spaces for volunteers to live, work and learn together with the goal of feeling impactful. We have a century of experience in this field and we are still fully motivated to build a peaceful world. 
Below are some examples of how your organisation can work together with CCIVS.


Business services

CCIVS can offer personalised training services to meet your companies needs in the field of intercultural education and strategic planning.
Intercultural Education provides your employees with key skills in communication, understanding and team building. Benefiting the company and the employees alike, it helps to solidify working teams and increase productivity.

The Trainers
The CCIVS Pool of Trainers, brings together experts worldwide from the field of Intercultural education.

The Process
A first meeting to define your companies needs (on or offline). Followed by a formal proposal, which will be further developed based on your feedback.

Includes pedagogical costs, training materials, handouts and travel costs of the education team. This varies depending on the size of the group and the duration of the training course.
For more information, please contact us by e-mail :


CCIVS offers the possibilities to Universities to set up innovative projects based on the values of International Voluntary Service.

CCIVS has worked with experts and advisors from the Universities of:

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign USA 
Coventry University
The Technological University of Santa Fe Argentina 
Salzburg University 
UKM Malaysia
John Hopkins University (USA) 
Ryukoku University (Japan)

We welcome University students for Internships in our Paris office.


CCIVS can offer:
– Innovative project designs in order to support your Foundation’s goals,
– Consultancy services related to volunteerism, impact measurement and intercultural learning,
– A link to the international membership of CCIVS.


Sponsor the actions and campaigns of CCIVS which actively contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by offering:
– Free marketing space
– Reduced price or free travel costs
– Reduced price or free accommodation costs
– Technical support
– Monetary support

CCIVS activities take place in over 80 countries of the world and involve 30000+ people every year, especially young people and communities at risk.

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