The LIVE-Ex has kickstarted with our first coordination meeting in Tanzania

The LIVE-Ex has kickstarted and I am excited to share the project teams’ commitment to making significant contribution in enhancing digital and soft skills among youth in the sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to empower young people with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in today’s digital world with a focus on skill development, encompassing trainings, advocacy and mentorships through intercultural understanding and cooperation we will conduct structured virtual dialogues and community actions among youth. 

LIVE-Ex also supports digital inclusion among international volunteer service organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa, so that more young people have access to high-quality virtual intercultural exchanges and are part of a global community of the Earth Advocacy Mentorship programme and work together for both social and climate justice from a decolonial perspective.

A key highlight of the LIVE-EX project was the recent coordination meeting held in Tanzania from 10th to 14th of month June. The weeklong meeting brought together project stakeholders, and trainers from 10 countries to discuss progress, share experiences, and plan future activities. The meeting was an excellent opportunity for networking, collaboration, and strengthening the project’s impact on the ground.

The discussions in Tanzania were fruitful, with participants brainstorming Afrocentric ideas and approaches to further enhance the project’s outcomes. The meeting also included sessions on best practices among partners, lessons learned, and ways to overcome foreseeable challenges during the project implementation, ensuring that the project continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of the African youth.

As the LIVE-EX project moves forward, I am excited about the potential it holds for paving a way for similar or more virtual exchanges in the African continent and the impact it will have on the ground and to the lives of young people across Sub-Saharan Africa. I am equally excited to share more updates on the LIVE-EX project and its activities in the near future.

Nicolaus Novatus Mukasa

Project Manager

LIVE-EX Project – Earth Advocacy Mentorship Programme