Introducing the Youth Committee

In February 2024,  the new CCIVS Youth Committee was formed, comprising ten individuals from diverse backgrounds spanning the globe. The team, comprising Adil Litos Sadeia (AJOV/ Mozambique), Daniela Corbalan (Fundación SES/ Argentina), Daniel Mapatac (ALLIANCE/ United Kingdom), Ian Tawanda Mugowa (ZWA/ Zimbabwe), Lucy Brandon (VAP/ United Kingdom), Mzwakhe Vilane (SAVWA/ South Africa), Piero Tapia (BVBP/ Peru), Raksha Venugopal Shenoy Kundapura (FSL India/ India), Ying Wai Chow (VolTra/ Hong Kong), and Zaid Daana (IPYL/ Palestine). 

The Youth Committee swiftly integrated themselves into various working groups, advocating for youth-centric approaches to IVS. Some of the working groups which they are involved in are linked to several projects and campaigns, such as Decolonise! IVS, Living Earth (LIVE) Campaign, Solidarity with Palestine and ICON.

Adil Litos, Daniela Corbalan, and Ian Tawanda, the members of Youth Committee, participated in the Advocacy Laboratory of Decolonise IVS on 25 February – 2 March and Daniel Mapatac participated in the LevelUp! 2024 on 12-13 April in Brussels, Belgium. In the Advocacy Laboratory of Decolonise IVS, the Youth Committee members and other participants developed a long-term advocacy framework and were divided into working groups to create materials for the Decolonise IVS project and future advocacy efforts, of which a part of it was shared in the LevelUP! 2024.

In the LevelUP 2024, Daniel Mapatac participated together with the other representatives from the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service, SCI IS, the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations, Stichting VIA, and the ICYE Federation to facilitate an engaging workshop. The session focused on using cross-cultural volunteering as a tool for youth engagement, with a special emphasis on decolonisation. The participants of the session explored how volunteering could be a tool used to challenge current systems of power and promote an inclusive, democratic society.

Furthermore, several members, Daniela Corbalan, Ian Tawanda, and Raksha Venugopal, participated in the Visual Storytelling Training of Decolonise IVS on 5 – 11 May in Vienna, Austria. This initiative aims to harness innovative communication tools to raise awareness and foster dialogue around pressing global issues and learn how to change the narrative surrounding the topics of decolonisation, volunteering, advocacy and climate justice. Moreover,  Daniela and Raksha will also participate in the forthcoming Tool Fair and Training for Trainers of Decolonise IVS on 7-13 August in Emen/ Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. The training will focus on educational tools that can be used to reflect with volunteers and staff on existing inequalities in the International Voluntary Service.

Besides actively engaging with the Decolonise IVS activities, some members of the Youth Committee are currently preparing for an upcoming online workshop for young people as a Youth Committee’s initiative and linked to the ICON. The workshop will be a platform for young activists and volunteers to share their experiences in the International Voluntary Service, exchange knowledge and to connect.

In close collaboration with the CCIVS Executive Committee and Secretariat, the Youth Committee contributes to the development of the organisation’s Strategic Plan. By ensuring that youth perspectives are integrated into decision-making processes.