Soil Management Toolkit

Type: Toolkit
Theme: Environment & Sustainability
Format: PDF
Publisher: CCIVS
Short Summary:

Soil is literally the foundation of all civilization and life as we know it. The latest results of studies on the state of soil on our planet are extremely alarming. We are losing topsoil at a rapid rate, faster than it can be created and restored. The factors that cause this are numerous and complex: broad scale, standardised agricultural practices play a large role, as does the growth of urban sprawl which leads to soil sealing. The consequences of the degradation and loss of soils are frightening and innumerable because soils are the basis on which all our food systems depend. Not only does soil play a vital role in maintaining a balanced and clean water cycle, but living, healthy soils offer us the potential to hold and store carbon as organic matter and in living plants, and therefore are a potential solution to contribute to the offsetting of carbon emissions and regulate the current climate crisis we are facing.
The dirt below our feet plays a critical part in our interconnected and living planetĀ“s ecosystem. There are many solutions, large and small and this Soil4Life Toolkit aims to support learning and motivate people to take actions (however large or small) that positively contribute to the regeneration and restoration of our soil and greater environments.

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