The State of the Art of IVS

Type: Publication
Theme: Other
Format: PDF
Publisher: CCIVS
Year: 2018
Short summary:
The "State of the Art of IVS" report encapsulates a comprehensive evaluation and strategic vision for International Voluntary Service (IVS), completed through extensive consultations and field studies across four global regions. Funded by the European Commission, the report integrates participatory methods to diagnose the operational capacities, challenges, and opportunities within IVS organizations. It emphasizes the development of a long-term empowerment and monitoring program to enhance organizational capacities and promote sustainable community impact. Key elements include the adoption of the Organisational Pentagon methodology for a systematic review of organizational practices and the formulation of a collaborative global and regional strategy to address identified needs. The report is intended to foster strategic partnerships and enhance the effectiveness of IVS organizations in achieving their community development and peace-building goals.