Environmental Sustainability

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Resources Section
Online courses in bioconstruction  and natural gardening
Toolkits: Soil Management Toolkit Food Production ToolkitSustainability policy
Impact research
SCI Alliance Climate for Peace Workcamps  Guidelines
Climate for Peace Position Paper content/uploads/Position_Paper_03_2016.pdf
Cookbooks publications/daily-plate-cookbook.pdf
Tools sustainability-tools/
NVDA Sustainability handbook Sustainability-Handbook-for-SCC-Volunteers.pdf (nvda
COE Sustainability Checklist (developed  with the support of CCIVS, SCI and  the Alliance)https://pjp inability+Checklist+final.pdf/fd50d766-28a3-c119-bb29- 06a0f33cc7c2 
COE Manuel on Human Rights and the  Environment environment/

Policy Papers

CCIVS Inclusive  Voluntary  Service  Toolkit
CCIVS Soil4Life
CCIVS Freedom of  Movement

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