Decolonise IVS


Youth Advocates @ work

In the advocacy training in Paris, the youth advocates received better insights into how decolonisation, IVS and advocacy are linked. They developed their Decolonise! advocacy plan identifying four key areas of interest. This plan will guide their actions and campaigns during the project and beyond to influence decision making in their organisations but also in other important spheres such as donor agencies or policy making institutions. 

December 19th, 2022: first online meeting
January 31st, 2023: online preparation meeting
February 20-24, 2023: on-site advocacy training in Paris
March 2023 to February 2024: implementation of key activities from the current advocacy plan
October 2023: communication training 
January: Advocacy Lab and meeting with policymakers in Brussels

“One of the most beautiful parts was the Presentation by Matías Biachi: being able to listen to and question experts and then discuss them as a group is really fundamental”

“My most favorite part was seeing different points of views about being “volunteer” in neocolonial world. I felt that I am not alone, and people who are living kilometres away from me experience the same difficulties. I loved that we all had our voices in a very safe place to talk. I appreciate the safe place that was built for all of us.”

“Decolonizing IVS training offered me a unique opportunity to learn and engage in discussions about the importance of recognizing and challenging the legacies of colonialism within international volunteering programs. One of the most valuable aspects of this training is the emphasis on examining power imbalances and systemic inequalities, which is crucial for creating more equitable and just practices within the field of international volunteering. Additionally, the training provides practical tools and resources for implementing decolonial practices within IVS programs, making it a valuable resource for individuals and organizations committed to social justice and equity.”