Decolonise IVS


Making the Decolonise! Project success is only possible with the active collaboration of all actors involved. It is about changing people’s mindset through dialogue, transforming our organisations and influencing the external stakeholders we work with. The Decolonise! The project is an Erasmus+ cooperation project focussing on working together as IVS organisations and through improved partnership upscaling International Voluntary Service projects. To make this happen we have created different teams which are focussing on different aspects of the project; spaces where volunteers and staff meet and work together to analyse and improve our work.

Most of the work is done online and self-organised. While the participating organisations are taking care of the overall coordination work, the team members work independently in smaller sub-teams on specific tasks.

Let us introduce you to the main teams and their work

Decolonise Steering Committee (DSC)
Participatory Action Research Team
Youth Advocacy team
Think Tank Team