Decolonise IVS


Study session Vienna

From 9 till 15 October 2022, 20 young people from diverse backgrounds met in Austria to continue the decolonisation debate. Starting from the outcomes of the online dialogues they further discussed the key concepts and created short videos to explain these concepts to a wider public. Did you already take a look at them? 

“The discussion surrounding the key definitions, while exhausting at many times still gave me so much insight on the complexity around these topics. Furthermore, it showed how even a room of like-minded people struggled a lot to find common ground.” 

“(To Decolonize) We need to start decolonising mindsets: mine and others.” 

“I still am uncertain where I stand in the belief if it’s possible to have a fully decolonized IVS, but I left more hopeful than when I entered.”  

“Despite the enormous complexity of this topic, I felt somewhat optimistic that in small aspects there can be work done.”  

“Especially regarding the social diversity of the volunteer organizations and outreach to more different communities, I think there could be some work done, starting with the self-reflections of the organizations.”