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The Role of The Youth Committee

Young people are key to the development and promotion of CCIVS. The Youth Committee representatives are designated by CCIVS member organisations and support the CCIVS Executive Committee (EC) and Secretariat with the development of the youth dimension of our activities by:

  • Contributing to the inclusion of a youth dimension in the CCIVS organisational structures and programmes by formulating opinions and proposals on general or specific questions in relation to internal structure (developing a CCIVS youth policy) and integrated into the decision-making process, advocacy, communication or campaigns;
  • Being involved as the representative, where relevant and where possible in CCIVS  projects, campaigns and working group to ensure that projects address the specific needs and interests of youth involved in IVS;
  • Formulating opinions and proposals concerning the CCIVS priorities and projects;
  • Creating biannual recommendations for the General Assembly through a participatory process led by youth with youth. These recommendations will be concrete and realistic around topics tackled by CCIVS and will result in concrete actions involving youth within the CCIVS network. Before the recommendation is presented to the GA, a member of the EC will help the YC finalise the recommendations and adjust them to CCIVS competencies;
  • Promoting IVS values and take on youth-led advocacy work through a local community, within the CCIVS member organisation the Youth Committee members are affiliated with, or in any relevant external event;
  • Working on the steps through the Plan of Action to create a multi stakeholder group for youth advocacy.

Participation in the Youth Committee is a first step into becoming more involved in CCIVS governance.

The members of the Youth Committee are selected ensuring the participation of different regions, gender balance, based on the following criteria:

  • Be aged between 18-30 during the admission;
  • Be nominated with a support letter by a CCIVS full-member organisation/ network;
  • Have experience in at least one of the fields of action of CCIVS (e.g. be an alumni of previous CCIVS or MO projects, be engaged in local/national/international actions on the participated in IVS projects, etc.);
  • Composing a group of 10-12 young people from different regions (America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe);
  • Creating a gender and region-balanced team;
  • Holding a working level of English;
  • Motivated and committed to attend the recurring monthly meeting and hold a 2-year period of service between two CCIVS General Assemblies;
  • Being aware of the context and main issues of their country and understanding the youth needs and concerns.