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The CCIVS Youth Committee (YC)

The Youth Committee is envisaged as supporting the CCIVS Executive Committee and Secretariat with the development of the youth dimension and the implementation of the CCIVS strategic plan, itself approved among other motions in the CCIVS General Assembly 2021. Although the main task of CCIVS is to support IVS organisations and advocate for IVS broadly, it is necessary to ensure that CCIVS can directly communicate with young people or where they can express their needs and/or advocate for the role of young people in relation to volunteering. Youth are the principal participants in IVS activities, it seems pertinent that young people themselves be the ones who represent and advocate for themselves within CCIVS. An organisation that works for a better future together with young people and does not have a youth organisation misses an important point of view about reality and needs. When CCIVS attends youth events, it should be young people themselves who take the floor. It is therefore essential that CCIVS gives a space for young people to give direct input, learn to advocate for IVS, take up advocacy work in youth platforms and give direction to CCIVS policies from their youth perspective.

These objectives are guided by the conviction that young people are powerful agents of change and that their involvement is essential for building a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. By working with CCIVS, we are committed to achieving the following objectives:

  1. Be the representative of the diverse youth in the internal CCIVS structure and external events, by prioritising the issues that concern youth on the agenda;
  2. Contribute to the internal agenda of CCIVS by being a part of the decision making process and create an exchange between the needs of IVS organisations on the one hand and youth on the other hand;
  3. Strengthen local, national and international networks by fostering collaboration among IVS organisations and multistakeholders;
  4. Share the mission and vision of the IVS and CCIVS to the world through youth advocacy;
  5. Integrate the youth perspective in order to develop a strong and efficient worldwide networking aiming to reach the IVS and CCIVS values.

These objectives aim to ensure that the CCIVS Youth Committee effectively engages with young volunteers, supports their development, and integrates their perspectives into the organisation’s activities and policies. These objectives align with the justification and purpose outlined in the CCIVS Youth Committee Guidelines.