Voluntary ‘Organic’ Leadership for Community Resilience

Type: Publication
Theme: Impact Measurement
Format: PDF
Publisher: Voluntary Sector Review
Year: 2019
Short summary:
The document titled "Voluntary ‘Organic’ Leadership for Community Resilience" by Benjamin J. Lough, published in October 2019, explores the emergence and impact of grassroots leadership in fostering community resilience, particularly in marginalized communities in the Global South. It examines how local, voluntary leaders organically emerge and effectively address community challenges through self-organization and mutual aid, especially in response to adversities. The study emphasizes the importance of recognizing and supporting these informal leadership structures to enhance community-driven solutions, highlighting their role in managing risks and contributing to more sustainable resilience strategies. The article underscores the necessity for external support systems to ensure the sustainability of these grassroots efforts and to maximize their impact on community resilience.