IVS for Climate Justice International Conference Report Paris 2018

Type: Project report
Theme: Environment & Sustainability
Format: PDF
Publisher: CCIVS
Year: 2018
Short summary:
The "IVS for Climate Justice International Conference Report Paris 2018" details a pivotal gathering organized by the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS). Held in Paris, the conference focused on strengthening collaboration among international partners engaged in the IVS for Climate Justice campaign. Over the course of several days, participants engaged in workshops and discussions that explored practical approaches to climate justice, including sustainable food production and bio-construction. Key highlights included the establishment of a common operational framework, knowledge sharing on ecological practices, and impact measurement strategies. The event also featured a significant forum at UNESCO, emphasizing the role of volunteering in combating climate change and promoting freedom of movement. This conference report encapsulates the strategies devised and shared for fostering a global network dedicated to ecological and sustainable practices through voluntary service.