IVS for Climate Justice Impact Assessment Report

Type: Publication
Theme: Impact Measurement
Format: PDF
Publisher: CCIVS
Year: 2019
Short summary:
The "IVS for Climate Justice Impact Assessment Report" evaluates the effectiveness of international volunteer projects focused on climate justice, coordinated by the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS). The report assesses the growth in volunteers' understanding and commitment to climate justice, human rights, and social inclusion through hands-on projects and awareness-raising actions across over 100 countries. Key findings include significant improvements in volunteers' knowledge of climate-related issues and their readiness to engage in sustainable practices. Additionally, the report highlights enhanced personal, interpersonal, and social competences among participants, indicating a strong correlation between project satisfaction and the practical results of their volunteer work. This assessment underscores the role of structured volunteer work in fostering global solidarity and action towards climate justice.