Evolve Lab: CCIVS Youth Workers Master Advocacy, PR, Communication in Paris, April 24-30, 2023

31 people from over 25 countries participated in the event, creating a very valuable opportunity for the diverse member organisations represented, to re-engage, share and strengthen the network. This opportunity was especially valuable for many members, because it was the first in-person meeting they had attended since prior to 2020…

During the event, member organisation representatives were able to share common challenges, such as declining number of volunteers and funding cuts, and to discuss other future scenarios. Important topics such as funding strategies in light of an unpredictable donor environment as well as recent changes to EU grant requirements were addressed. Participants shared good practices and ideas for possible alternative funding mechanisms and discussed  the importance of strengthening regional networks and increasing visibility. 

Regional discussions and  facilitated process´  were held in order to create vision statements, funding pitches, and ideas for future collaborations (within regions as well as inter-regionally). A database of funders, a list of suggestions and feedback to achieve the goals of the strategic plan, as well as a document of advocacy tasks was outlined in order to support IVS´s advocacy aims, visibility and acknowledgment of IVS´ impact and value.

Representatives gave and received updates on the Decolonise IVS, LIVE (Living Earth Campaign), CCIVS Youth Committee, Evolve and Frame(v)work projects.

Important challenges and gaps in communication were identified and addressed, valuable input for improved visibility was given, and members were able to achieve clarity and purpose while strengthening the regional and global network. Most importantly, participants were able to share stories and first-hand experiences, to gain insights and deepen relationships amongst the diverse organisations represented. 

Evaluation and feedback received showed that the event was a big success. Participants reported feeling re-engaged, inspired, hopeful, activated, reconnected and motivated to return to their organisations to continue the vital work with volunteering, peace building and Earth advocacy which they are already involved in. 

Many new ideas were seeded for future projects and collaborations throughout the network, and we are looking forward to continuing our collective positive impact through this powerful global network of changemakers.

Quotes from participants


“Let Evolve project be replicated regionally by addressing specific need of CCIVS member organisations”

“Satisfied. All meet my expectations”

“It was an opportunity to directly talk and get in touch with partners and find common ideas”

“Thank you for organizing the event perfectly and for finding an excellent team of trainers/facilitators”

“Methodology applied was hands-on with deeper insights and reflections. This was augmented by experienced trainers and seasoned participants”

“So grateful to be part of this training sharing ideas and different methodologies”