World Heritage Volunteers 2023: Empowering Change for a Sustainable Future

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre recently announced the selected projects for the WHV 2023 Campaign, which promises to be an exceptional journey of preservation, education, and community engagement. This year, 74 action camp projects will come to life from April to December, encompassing 67 World Heritage properties and sites on the Tentative Lists. A total of 58 organizations from 33 countries worldwide will orchestrate these impactful initiatives.

Marking the 50th Anniversary

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, the WHV 2023 projects carry special significance. They are designed to bring together young people, communities, and site managers, fostering unity and innovation. These projects envision a future where World Heritage is not just a historical artefact but a living testament to resilience and humanity.

Empowering the Youth

At the heart of the WHV 2023 Campaign is the belief in the potential of young people. National and international volunteers will collaborate with local communities to safeguard our shared cultural and natural heritage. Through hands-on activities and awareness-raising initiatives, these projects empower young individuals and offer them enriching experiences. Together, they transcend geographical boundaries to explore some of the most remarkable places on Earth.

WHV Initiative: A Journey of Impact

The WHV Initiative, launched in 2008, empowers young people to take concrete actions for World Heritage preservation. It comprises action camp projects organized by various organizations, uniting volunteers from around the globe in activities that raise awareness and contribute to heritage conservation. These projects are a testament to the power of collaboration, involving multiple stakeholders, including local communities.

How to Join the Movement

Becoming a volunteer for the WHV 2023 Campaign is a unique opportunity to make a difference. To get involved, explore the list of selected projects and their descriptions. Find a project that resonates with your interests, considering the activities, duration, and timeline.

Please note that the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and regional coordinators do not handle the selection of individual volunteers. To take part, reach out directly to the organizations running the projects you’re interested in. They will guide you through the application process and provide essential details.

The projects for 2023 are:

The WHV 2023 Campaign is an invitation to be part of a global movement dedicated to preserving our shared legacy. It’s a chance to leave a lasting impact and to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. Come, join us in the WHV 2023 Campaign, and let’s work together on building a better future—one rooted in our rich heritage.