Volunteer Tourism: Yet another form of “Othering”?

Title: Volunteer Tourism: Yet another form of “Othering”?

Publisher: Wageningen University Environmental Sciences

Type: Publication

Theme: Outdoor and Experiential Learning – workcamps

Short Description: International Voluntary Services/Volunteer tourism has developed as part of the broad development agenda and the ever changing global structure. The end of Colonisation marked the beginning of new relationships of ex colonies and the Northern Countries. However as a lot of commentators have argued that the new relationship is still very unequal, with the North still attempting to dominate the South, politically, social, economically and culturally (Kothari, 2002, Crush, 1995, Smith 1994,Said, 1987). The process has been played out through a wide variety of agents, such as the economic structural adjustment programmes, tided loans, trade and works of Western organisations such as International voluntary organisations, some who are perpetuating “othering” of the South by the North in their promotional material and academic literature.

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