Volunteer P.A.T.H. (2016-2017)

Project Description

The project seeks to enable exchange and develop new cooperation between CCIVS members and invited guests, in face of declining numbers of volunteers it offers a space to build new partnerships, to further develop local actions and to develop key competencies to strengthen organisational structure.  The project proposal is built upon the previous STEPS projects (KA2 CBY) which made an analysis of the training needs of IVS organisations. Project phases

The first phase of the project is dedicated to a detailed planning and development of the overall project. It will also ensure the mapping of the best tools for the follow-up process, and will develop the toolkits for the trainings. The team will look at the results of the STEPs project and the work of the ‘What is our IVS’ working group (an internal working group set up to look at issues in the network), based on this information, and bringing additional information from the networks themselves the team will work on building a knowledge management system and support system for the members which can be proposed to the Conference. The training manuals will be drafted and further improved during the trainings with expert input. The steering team meeting will take place in the two days prior to the Conference. Team meeting:Team: To set the coordination, roles, working methodologies within the group during the whole duration of the project.
Project: To design the whole process; develop toolkits; activities; expected outcomes; communication; follow-up.
Contents: To go into depth on the agenda of the Conference and to ensure that the event will be implemented according to the needs defined by the partners of the project.

The Steering Team will hold online meeting to plan and oversee the project. The team will include the trainers, the CCIVS Secretariat and the project hosts. Conference The Conference was foreseen to be hosted by VJF Germany but was converted to online due to the pandemic impact, it offers- visibility/networking/learning, this will act as a global meeting where organisations can have bilateral and multilateral meetings – providing them with the chance to get to know in more depth each other’s projects and needs, round tables will take place, inviting experts in marketing and promotion and successful financial management (entrepreneurs, institutions, expert IVS organisations).Bilaterals/Multilaterals networking meetings;
Round tables inviting organisations with expertise on marketing and promotion and successful financial management to share their stories;
Future planning of activities together;
An in-depth look at issues facing the IVS network and how we can respond to this through the trainings offered by the Capacity building;
Experts will be invited for an open conference, which will focus on ‘Building Partnerships for Successful Volunteering Projects’, it will provide an opportunity between the Conference participants and the external invitees to engage, exchange and develop cooperation. The objective is to provide more information about possibilities to strengthen cooperation between the IVS sector and external stakeholders in order to promote and improve volunteering opportunities for young people.

Participants: Leaders of IVS organisations who will be charged with sharing information about the project with their networks and local partners & identifying the youth worker/trainer to join the training phase.