Taller de bioconstrucción

Type: Project report
Theme: Environment & Sustainability
Format: PDF
Publisher: CCIVS
Short summary:
The workshop aims to convey fundamental concepts of earth-based construction (eco-technologies) and facilitate knowledge exchange for participants to apply these skills in other communities. Additionally, the course seeks to share insights on low-impact environmental constructions, raise awareness about environmental issues, and propose solutions like bioconstruction in response to climate change. Emphasizing harmony with nature, the workshop promotes the use of non-industrialized, ecologically sound materials, and sustainable design principles. Key premises include harnessing passive solar energy, ensuring recyclable materials are non-contaminants, and creating economically viable and sustainable constructions with minimal maintenance costs.
Short description:
This workshop shares key concepts of earth-based construction (eco-technologies), promoting knowledge exchange for community application. Emphasizing low-impact practices and eco-awareness, it suggests solutions like bioconstruction for climate change. Prioritizing harmony with nature, the workshop advocates non-industrialized, sustainable materials and design principles, aiming for cost-effective, low-maintenance constructions.