Practical Guide for Intercultural Learning in International Voluntary Service

Type: Publication
Theme: Active Participation & Social Inclusion
Format: PDF
Publisher: ICYE
Year: 2008
Short summary:
The "Practical Guide for Intercultural Learning in International Voluntary Service" is an extensive resource designed to support and enhance intercultural competence among volunteers and trainers in the field of international voluntary service. Funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, this guide provides a framework for non-formal, experiential learning that addresses cultural differences, prejudices, and discrimination. It offers a range of participatory training methods and exercises tailored to the needs of volunteers at different stages of their service, including pre-departure, on-arrival, mid-term evaluation, and final evaluation. The guide emphasizes the development of skills and attitudes necessary for effective cross-cultural communication and cooperation, aiming to foster a global community based on solidarity, respect, and mutual understanding.