IVS4Peace Field Research, Data and Policy Recommendations on the Inclusion of Young Migrants, Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Youth From Minority Groups in International Voluntary Service

Type: Toolkit
Theme: Active Participation & Social Inclusion
Format: PDF
Related project: IVS4Peace
Publisher: CCIVS
Year: 2021
Short summary:
The #IVS4Peace Inclusive Voluntary Service for Peace project has focused on improving the strategies of the IVS movement in facilitating the participation of young migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and youth from minority groups in workcamps (international voluntary service - IVS - projects). Along the three and a half years of the project we have created a common strategy to improve the inclusiveness of our workcamps and to ensure that these are spaces for a broad profile of young people that is representative of the diverse realities in our societies and communities.