Data Report for Conference – Trainings & Camps Med Data

Type: Publication
Theme: Impact Measurement
Format: PDF
Publisher: VSFr Tunisia
Year: 2022
Short summary:
The Youth Green Deal project included a research and impact assessment dimension that aimed at providing the organisers and partners with evidence-based elements to better understand, evaluate, improve and valorise the training and field practices activities implemented during the program. The first step of such efforts consisted in the collection of quantitative data in the form of quasi-experimental design pretest/ posttest surveys administered to participants in three different activities: the camp leaders training, the visual storytelling training and the eco-volunteering camps. The present report provides an overview of the data gathered and a general analysis that not only constitutes an important support for the overall evaluation of the impact of the Youth Green Deal activities on the participants, but also provides a baseline for the development of the second research and assessment element: the qualitative focus groups and semi-structured interviews.