Mzwakhe Vilane – South Africa

Mzwakhe Vilane, a 29-year-old resident of Atteridgeville, is a dedicated advocate for community work and social development. Since 2016, he has been an influential youth activist, contributing his passion to organisations like LoveLife, Hope for Life, and AYOLE.

In 2022, Mzwakhe joined SAVWA as an advocate for international volunteering, aiming to promote civic education on topics such as permaculture, global warming and decolonisation in a volunteerism spectrum and broadening his impact on a global scale. His commitment with the youth earned him the title of Best Peer Club Mentor by UNICEF in 2018 and later the recognition of Best Peer Educator in 2022 by the Department of Education in Tshwane South District.

Currently engaged on a contract basis with the Department of Basic Education under the Learner Support Agent program, Mzwakhe serves as a Peer Educator, fostering positive change within the educational landscape.

As he pursues his studies in law with UNISA, Mzwakhe Vilane envisions a future where he can contribute to transforming the justice system, showcasing his dedication to creating a better society through both community engagement and education.

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