Josué Loyola – Ecuador

Josué Loyola was born in Cuenca, Ecuador in 1997, he is 26 years old and studied Law in his home country. Since high school, he was involved in many models of United Nations, where he could gather some skills, such as planning, building strategies, listening and advising. In addition, he also participated in litigation competitions, both locally and nationally, while he was at the university. 

He was part of the volunteer service “Weltwärts Süd-Nord” from 2022 to 2023. This fact made him become a more resilient and adaptable person to changes and get more involved into the volunteer service.

As a young man and ex volunteer, he thinks that the power of making a change is our responsibility and can only work by interacting with each other and building a strong network regarding the same objective. At the moment he is studying his master degree in “Digitalization and Law” in Würzburg, located in Bayern, Germany.

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