History. 1948 – 1959 Post War Reconstruction and Peace BuildingHistory

As a world coordination centre for the workcamp movement, CoCo came as a disappointment to some. They expected smooth professionals, diplomatic gravity, the comforts of high office, and they found none of it. Our Coordination Committee and its officers worked in the volunteer tradition with all the strengths and weaknesses that implied.

Glyn Roberts

Beware! I’m convinced that not all volunteering is good. When, for example, the neo-liberal state withdraws from its duties to the most disadvantaged members of a society, then the volunteers who are meant to take up the slack can be a shabby alibi for deregulated government irresponsibility.

Arthur Gillette

In these years re-construction and de-colonisation were among the main priorities of CoCo. Projects took place in many countries still with a focus on Europe including many bilateral projects e.g. between France and Germany; the US and Germany. Work camp activity also began in India, Algeria, Egypt, Senegal and other countries. CoCo also conducted study visits and training courses to study and develop youth and volunteer organisations in Latin America and South East Asia.