Adil Litos Sadeia – Mozambique

Adil Litos Sadeia, from Mozambique, 23 years old, studying Political Science at Eduardo Mondlane University, has been a social activist for approximately 7 years, philanthropic agent, writer and defender of human rights, especially for youth. He is engaged in areas such as community development, gender, youth empowerment, political participation, environment, leadership, advocacy and lobbying. He is a self-motivated person, I enjoy challenges, creativity, committed to the assignments given to him and willing to progress in all spheres of life. He speaks Portuguese, English and French. As for his skills, he is communicative, mediator and skilled in presentation. He is currently a  leader of several youth camp projects, which contributed to his growth in the field of youth leadership and mobilisation. He is currently an AJOV employee and works in the Planning and Project Management area and in the volunteering department.

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