The Living Earth campaign (LIVE), is the culmination of CCIVS work on Peace and the Environment, replacing the campaigns IVS for Climate Justice and Raising Peace, it seeks to focus on what it means to live a peaceful and harmonious existence on Earth and respect towards the Earth as a living being. Working for peace is implicit in what we do day-to-day as IVS organisations, environmental work and awareness-raising and education is the enactment of peace itself. All of our activities should focus on inclusion, living and working respectfully together according to the principles of non-violent communication and promoting grassroots initiatives that put communities at the forefront of the actions. Examples of work that CCIVS can promote on behalf of IVS organisations or projects that can be implemented by CCIVS fall under three categories ‘Hand on Actions’, ‘Awareness Raising’ and ‘Advocacy and Visibility’, these include and are not limited to: