“EMpowering Youth” is a project funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Union (Call for Proposals 2020 – Initiatives of Intercultural Dialogue) and coordinated by CCIVS in cooperation with 3 European partners and 4 partners from the MENA region. The partners of this project are ACC (Morocco), Baladna (Israel); Concordia UK; PCMRD (Palestine), SCI Catalunya, SCI Hellas (Greece), Space SD (Jordan).

With the support of

Co-funded by the European Union

ACC association, which has now 13 years of existence, aims to guide, inform and help volunteers and young people on the possibilities of volunteering in Morocco, Africa and Europe. In this context, it carries out the following actions, short and long-term projects:
  • NFE activities to promote World Heritage;
  • intercultural workcamps, youth exchanges;
  • assistance to migrants and refugees.
  • support to women in the development of the solidarity economy and innovative projects;
  • round tables on volunteering, prevention of radicalism, tolerance and interculturality.
Baladna seeks to empower Arab Palestinian youth in Israel as transformative agents of social and political change, enabling them to overcome discrimination and marginalization while advancing their individual and collective rights. The organisation engages in capacity building to enhance youth skills in grassroots activism, critical thinking, community organizing and advocacy while strengthening their understanding and application of principles of equality, democracy, social solidarity, and human rights. Baladna provides youth with structure and guidance as they build strategies to address the underlying structures and societal conditions precluding them from fulfilling their rights.
Concordia is a charity committed to international volunteering as a means of promoting intercultural understanding and peace. It supports hundreds of people to take part in international volunteer experiences all around the world. Today Concordia UK works with 80 like-minded, non-pro t partner organisations from 60 countries, to offer medium and short term community volunteering around the world. Types of international volunteer projects include conservation, restoration, archaeology, construction, arts, children’s play-schemes and teaching.
PCMRD is a community development centre aimed at encouraging NGOs and other local actors to adopt media, ICT, strategic thinking and research as essential tools to develop empower programs for the different marginalized sectors in the Hebron district. Its aims include:
  • to develop the local media discourse at all levels within the society;
  • to use the media and its applications in advocacy and lobby for basic civil and human rights of the marginalized groups;
  • to provide space for young people to develop their career skills using media and research as tools;
  • to provide periodical studies, researches and reports that tackle community needs and ways to address them.
SCI Catalunya is the Catalan branch of Service Civil International, which was created in 1982. SCI is member of the Youth Forum in the European Union, CCIVS (Committee Coordinator International Volunteering Service) and AVSO (Association of Organisations Volunteering Service). SCI Catalunya is an organisation which works for peace, promoting community life to achieve comprehension and solidarity between different societies and respect for the environment, peace education and fair, sustainable development. Therefore, its main activity is the organisation of workcamps, long term volunteering programs and international youth exchanges which are prepared every year.
Kinisi Ethelonton Service Civil International Hellas (SCI-Hellas), is a non-governmental organisation based in Athens. It’s the Greek branch of Service Civil International, an international voluntary movement that aims to promote peace, solidarity and intercultural understanding through organising international volunteer projects, campaigns and seminars. It is a founder member of the Greek Antipoverty Network. Its main activities include:
  • organisation of international workcamps in Greece;
  • sending Greek volunteers to workcamps abroad;
  • hosting and sending volunteers in the frame of ESC;
  • promotion volunteering among young people;
  • developing close cooperation in the Mediterranean region.
Space SD is a Jordanian non-profit NGO that works with youth, particularly those living in marginalized areas. Space SD contributes to the long-term socio-economic and cultural development of the Jordanian society, social and environmental justice and sustainable living. Space SD also strives for protecting the sustainability of the environment. Among its aims, Space SD is active to empower youth, to promote the development of digital youth work, to foster social entrepreneurship and to enhance gender equality. The organisation creates spaces for young people by ensuring they get the support, guidance and opportunities they need to overcome the challenges they face in their communities.