What means peace for you?

“Subir al Sur” is a program of “SES Foundation” that promotes peace education through voluntary service without cultural or social distinctions. It aims to raise awareness of global citizenship, making people sensitive about the co-responsibility in the care of the world and more capable to promote diversity. SES Foundation, based in Argentina, has been actively involved in the Raising Peace Campaign this year: a representative took part in the networking meeting in Barcelona in April 2019,
where the structure of this year Global Human Rights Week was designed through a participatory process involving IVS networks. For the RPC this is a step forward, as SES contributions and commitment will enlarge the geographic scope of the campaign, increasing its potential to raise awareness on human rights at a global level.

Subir al Sur is contributing to day 5 of the GHRW with creative contents about peace and human rights, featuring kids and young people. In a video, local kids were invited to answer to the question “what does peace mean to you?” and to express their views with drawings. This is one of the many examples of how NFE approaches can be applied to different target groups, including children, to trigger reflection and awareness processes toward the topic of peace and understanding. The similar approach was used in another digital creation involving teenagers, who were asked to give their opinions about human rights (“which of your rights is most important to you?”) and about peace (“which country do you think is the
most peaceful and why?”). Such methods can be effective to introduce further debates about these topics, using visual tools which are currently popular among young people, who might be discouraged to address the topic of human rights from a less accessible angle.

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[SEMANA GLOBAL DE DERECHOS HUMANOS] 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊 Entre el 14 y el 19 de Octubre 2019 vamos a mostrar lo que hacemos en el marco de la campaña Raising Peace mostrando el trabajo del voluntariado internacional en relación a la paz y los derechos humanos. En este video, les preguntamos a los chicos con los que trabajamos cual es según ellos el pais mas pacifico y por qué. La realización del video estuvo a cargo de nuestros voluntarios: @feelix_tll @franzi_2104 @luise_17.11 @daisy_schub @salome.szm @johanna.mul @niner_kuni @22delta 🕊🕊🕊🕊 Coordina : @ccivsvolunteer Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service – CCIVS #OurRightsOurVoices #RaisingPeace

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