Volunteer PATH Capacity Building Training- France Report

Type: Project report
Theme: Active Participation & Social Inclusion
Format: PDF
Date: 06. 04. 2017. – 12. 04. 2017.
Publisher: CCIVS
Contact: secretariat@ccivs.org
Short Summary:
This is the report from the Capacity Building Trainings on Volunteer and Heritage Management in France
Short Description:
The Capacity Building Trainings have the following objectives:
  • Improve the quality of youth work and lead to new partnerships
  • Create multipliers who will continue to implement actions in their local communities and follow up with the young people involved in the Local Awareness Raising Actions
  • Produce results which will be implemented in the Local actions
  • Share best practices and resources
  • Guarantee that the individuals in charge of volunteer management and heritage projects will gain and develop the knowledge and skills needed to plan and implement heritage actions with community and individual engagement, and institutional support and local and national co-funding and certify these.
  • Contribute to establishing common practices and standards for the participants to reproduce at the organisational and local level the capacity building process and multiply the impact and outreach of the project.
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