List of Decisions of the 33rd General Conference & Assembly

Type: Publication
Theme: Other
Format: PDF
Date: 15. 10. 2014. – 21. 10. 2014.
Publisher: CCIVS
Short Summary:

The 33rd General Assembly of the CCIVS was celebrated in Seoul, South Korea. There were 38 organisations with voting rights: 30 presents and 8 proxies, from members in Africa, America, Arab states, Asia and Europe.

The lists of decisions are not the official minutes of the General Assembly, but a first document to have members informed about the main decisions and flow of GA. The official minutes will be shared at a later date.

The GA brought together many representatives of IVS organisations from across the globe; it provided a rich platform for exchange and debate. CCIVS members worked together to respond the needs of network and clearly define future plan of action.

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