Toolkit ​to work on the rights regarding Migrations, citizenship and freedom of movement ​in international workcamps

Type: Toolkit
Theme: Peace & Human Rights
Format: PDF
Publisher: CCIVS
Short summary:
This text expresses gratitude to the user for their interest in a toolkit focused on human rights, migrations, citizenship, and freedom of movement. The toolkit is part of the Raising Peace Campaign, which prioritizes these themes with the aim of ensuring equal rights for everyone. It was created by activists from IVS organizations who met in Athens, Greece, and developed an educational framework for global use since 2016. The toolkit's authors are acknowledged, and thanks are extended to Valentine Costa, Mahip Dagar, Alba Cuesta, Lara Leroy, Molly O’Doherty, Julien Reichle, and Tilemachos Boni. The CCIVS facilitated the toolkit's creation, conducted final edits, and distributed it to CCIVS members and IVS organizations. Users are encouraged to utilize the toolkit for collective learning experiences, especially in international workcamps and campleader trainings. Feedback and returns are welcomed, echoing the message of changing the world through active engagement and self-transformation.
Short description:
This text expresses gratitude for the user's interest in a human rights toolkit focused on migrations, citizenship, and freedom of movement. Created by activists in Athens, Greece, the toolkit is part of the Raising Peace Campaign's priorities since 2016. The CCIVS facilitated its creation and encourages users to utilize it for collective learning experiences in workcamps and campleader trainings, welcoming feedback.