Lives transformed into numbers

Alan Kurdi was three years old when he appeared dead in Turkey. It was 2nd September 2015 and a picture of him laying down on the sand, captured by Nilufer Demir, became famous and controversial worldwide. A study made by Decision Research showed that the amount of donations made to the Swedish Red Cross campaign for Syrian refugees increased after the picture. Before the diffusion of the photo, the donations during the week before were around $3,850. The week after the picture, they increased up to $214,300. But when it stopped being ‘newsworthy’, they begun to decline to $45,400 the second week and $6,500 after six weeks.

In 2018, the UN Refugee Agency statistics registered 70,8 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. This number was composed by 41,3 million people displaced internally, 25,9 refugees and 3,5 asylum seekers. Around 80% of refugees were living in neighbor countries of their countries of origin. In 2018, 25 people were leaving their countries each minute. Every day, 27,000 were forced to flee their homes because of conflicts. Turkey received 3.7 million people. Pakistan, 1.4 million, followed by Uganda with 1.2 million and Sudan with 1.1 million. In Europe, Germany accepted 1.1 million.


In 2017, the numbers were lower but still significant. 68,5 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. 25,4 refugees, 2,9 million more than in 2016. 40 million people displaced internally, 300 thousand less than 2016 but the number would increase to 41,3 million in 2018. In 2017, the UN Refugee Agency would also register 3,1 million asylum seekers. 60% of the 68,5 million people displaced were moving 10 countries. Liban was the country which received the most.


Mediterranean arrivals and deaths

Between 1st January 2019 and 3rd July 2019, UN Migrations has registered 29,844 arrivals by the sea and 681 deaths. For the same period in 2018, there were 46,441 arrivals and 1,414 deaths.

Still, if we compare the yearly data from 2016 to 2018, the number of deaths for each person that arrived from the Mediterranean sea has increased. In 2016, 363,504 people arrived by the sea and 5,143 died. One in every 70 people died. in 2017, 171,635 people arrived and 3,116 died. One in every 55 people died. In 2018, 113,145 arrivals and 2,242 deaths were registered by UN Migrations. One in every 50 people died. If we calculate with the data that we have from 1st January 2019 to 3rd July 2019, one in every 43 people died in the Mediterranean sea.

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