A Short Introduction to Eco-Technologies and Building with Earth

This e-learning course will teach you about traditional techniques in the field of environment and sustainability. By completing this course, you will understand the basic concepts of construction with earth systems and eco-technologies.

Project coordination and leadership: CCIVS

A Beginner’s Course for Growing an Edible Ecosystem in a Sustainable Way

    •    A Short Course by Kate Curtis
    •    E-learning and Media Design by Miki Ambrózy
    •    Helping hand - Karla Franielczyk
    •    Project coordination and leadership: CCIVS

This Organisational Development Training for IVS organisations is an open online course to support organisations in their strategic development.

collective work

Going through the course will give a more systemic and systematic idea of your own organisation, will let you identify strengths and challenges and help you design strategies to have a more balanced and stronger organisation.

Contents and methods

The contents of the course are based on the STEPS methodology developed within CCIVS since 2016. The course has been run successfully in Africa, Asia, America and Europe with more than 30 organisations in the past years.