General Secretary

Bogdan Imre, National Association of Etudes et Chantiers (ANEC)
Bogdan Imre is the General Secretary of CCIVS since November 2016 and has previously served as CCIVS Programme Director (2010 – 2013) and Interim Director (2013). His career in the voluntary service field began in 2001 when he participated in a 12-month European Voluntary Service project focusing on the protection of human rights. He was active in international voluntary service organisations both at the local level, as MTP Oradea’s volunteers’ and organisation coordinator, and at international level, representing Youth Action for Peace International in the European Youth Forum’s Pool of Trainers for two consecutive mandates. He also served as a Project Officer/Executive at the Asia-Europe Foundation in Singapore (2007 – 2010) where he was in charge of youth and non-formal education activities. Currently, Bogdan is engaged in volunteering initiatives: ANEC (National Association of Etudes et Chantiers) and ParticipAction; and he acts as a freelance trainer, facilitator and coordinator, having specialised in experiential and outdoor learning, intercultural learning and organisational strategy and management.

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