‘European Youth Together’: the call for proposals is launched!

European Youth Together is the new initiative that allows young people to become members of a European youth community, a network that will promote regional partnerships where young people can set up joint projects and thus experience the benefits of Erasmus+ in their region.

‘European Youth Together’ is a new Key Action 3 initiative that aims to create networks promoting regional partnerships, which will run in close cooperation with young people from across Europe. These networks can organise exchanges, promote training and allow young people to set up joint projects themselves.The Call will support activities from at least five youth organisations from different regions spread across Erasmus+ Programme Countries. The activities should be designed to share ideas about EU values, encourage wider civic participation, explore commonalities and help foster a sense of European citizenship.

As Commissioner Navrascics stated at the EU Youth Conference last year,

Young people can be the strongest force in building bridges. This includes bridges between East and West – both within the EU and with our neighbouring regions. To support this, I intend to set up a European Youth Community: “European Youth Together“. This will be a network promoting regional partnerships, building on our Erasmus programme and run in close cooperation with young people from both Eastern and Western European countries.

The selected projects should build on the outcomes of the New Narrative for Europe (or other similar policy debates) and link them to policy development at the local, regional, national and European level.

Deadline to submit proposals is 25 May.

For more information please visit the dedicated webpage.

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