Erasmus+ evaluated as one of the most positive EU results

How to improve the successor programme to Erasmus+? The Commission evaluation proposes to make it more inclusive, to step up mobility for schools, VET, youth and more…

On 31 January 2018 the Commission has adopted the mid-term evaluation of Erasmus+ and its predecessor programmes, which all proved highly effective. The programmes have been found to be very beneficial to participants not only in terms of transition to employment but also regarding the feeling of being an EU citizen. The public see Erasmus+ as one of the most positive results of European integration. Erasmus+ adds value on a European level, compared to what could be achieved by the programme countries on their own. It boosts the learning mobility of four million learners, teachers and trainers by 2020 and internationalises the work of education, training, youth and sport organisations, including beyond the EU. Although less visible, the evaluation also identified the impact on systems and policies (e.g. fostering the recognition of learning outcomes across borders). In addition, the programme is more coherent and relevant than its predecessors. There has been a limited improvement in efficiency and simplification in comparison to the previous programmes.

As part of the ambition to create a European Education Area, the Commission proposes in its report to step up learning mobility, in particular among school pupils, vocational education and training participants and youth, and to make the successor programme of Erasmus+ even more inclusive by reaching out to more vulnerable learners and smaller organisations.

Based on over a million responses from all interested parties, this report builds particularly on:

  • the national reports submitted by all programme countries
  • the evaluation reports of an external independent contractor (ICF)

All are now publicly available in the Evaluations section on the Erasmus+ website.

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