Edugaming and Divided Past-Joint Future

“EduGaming in Diverse Communities” is a project within the programme “Divided Past – Joint Future”,
implemented by the organisation OKC Banjaluka, in cooperation with several other SEEYN members.
The programme has been designed to support initiatives focusing on social innovation for peace and reconciliation in the region. The main target groups are marginalised children and youth (diverse ethnic groups in Vojvodina, children in need for assistance in education, youth in increased risk from sexually transmitted diseases, children in orphanages, etc.). A team of young people from BalkanIDEA – Novi Sad piloted an EduGaming project, in cooperation with partner organisations and public institution active in the field of social inclusion. They are developing a set of 6 educational board games – eduGames, to be later used by partners in their work with the marginalised groups of children and youth. Besides meeting the needs of different marginalized groups of children and young people, their actions aims at mainstreaming board games as educational tools, strengthening the role of NFE instruments in the field of peace education and contributing to the effective reconciliation process in the Western Balkans.

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