ICVO 2023 Blog Series
In preparation for the 2023 IVCO (International Forum for Volunteering in Development) conference, a number of blogs have been written to stir debate on current volunteering issues. We especially welcome blog post nr. 2 from Dr. Amjad Mohamed Saleem which focuses on reimagining volunteering through a decolonisation lens.

Decolonising peacebuilding: a way forward out of crisis. Article by Lisa Schirch for the Berghof Foundation.
“Decolonising agendas” are emerging all over the world and relate to humanitarian aid, development, anthropology, sociology and many other facets of life, including peacebuilding. Decolonialism refers to the process of undoing colonial worldviews, institutions and impacts. In the last few years, various authors have begun laying out an agenda for decolonising peacebuilding (Ayindo 2017; Omer 2019; Linklater 2014;
Beraia et al. 2019). The study of decoloniality, abolition and reparations is relevant to peacebuilding, both as an analytical framework that explains global patterns of grievance against political, economic and social systems, and as an agenda for how to build peace, foster social transformation and protect human security. This article explores and opens up for discussion and dialogue how the peacebuilding field can
respond to the profound sense of chaos and unpredictability in today’s world by addressing the colonial distortions of governance, economy and society.