The Soil4Life Manifesto

The Soil4Life manifesto was first drafted on October 17th, 2019 by a group of young Soil Ambassadors during an international Soil Protection and Management training led by CCIVS, part of the Soil4Life project coordinated by Legambiente Onlus and organised within the framework of the IVS for Climate Justice Campaign.

During the training, four temporary, working groups were formed and different concerns and challenges around soil were discussed. It was decided to focus the manifesto in relation to  4 of the global SDGs - Zero Hunger, Climate Action, Life on Land, and Sustainable Cities and Communities. Following the original draft, an online space was created in order to continue the collective development of the Manifesto, inviting further feedback and including the voices and concerns of all people affected by this serious and sensitive subject.

The final manifesto will be delivered to UNESCO, the FAO, and the EU during 2022, it is a call to action by global leaders to support the transition to a  life-sustaining, healthy and thriving environment- of which the ground we walk on is the foundation.

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