Step to the Future

STEP to the Future: from empowerment to resilience in the International Voluntary Service movement


STEP to the Future follows the 2017-2018 project STEP to Change, which brought organisational development training and impact measurement to 20 organisations in 4 regions, allowing the building of a global and regional diagnosis on the State of the Art of the International Voluntary Service movement. The experience was very successful and through STEP to the Future, CCIVS aims at expanding and consolidating the empowerment process in the 4 regions.

For members who still didn't participate:

> Inviting their participation in organisational development training, either presential (STEP trainings) or online (STEP, MooC). The STEP methodology offers an empowering method of understanding the organisation, its needs and potentials, as a basis for building good development strategies. It also allows to have a detailed self-diagnosis for the organisation, and to contribute to a regional and global diagnosis of the needs and the potential in each region.

For the organisations who already participated:

> Training trainers, participants of former STEP trainings who are ready to become regional trainers, and multiply knowledge in their own region (Africa, Asia, Africa, Europe).
> Supporting the consolidation of the conclusions of STEP to Change: facilitating exchanges and opportunities that can help implement the strategies designed during the onfield visits of the STEP to Change project.

The long-term view of this project is to put in practice the Empowerment and Monitoring System of the CCIVS, which in the end means to fullfil the CCIVS mission of empowering its members, strengthening capacities and helping them to have a better impact in their IVS and social action.

The activities are:

Experts Seminar
Towards deep intercultural methodologies
Experts Seminar, Towards a deep Intercultural Approach gathered people from Europe, Africa, Asia and America to discuss and agree on specific challenges related to management and training at a fair global intercultural approach. The outcomes of the event:
a) A prepared intercultural team with representatives of 4 regions to lead future empowerment experiences in the IVS movement
b) an agreed set of principles, orientations and valid models that can be used, not only through the whole project, but also understood and adopted within the movement in the next years.
Experienced IVS professionals, who have been trainers and have had responsabilities in the management of their organisations.
(January 2019)
Estonia Hosted by EstYES
Training for Trainers on Organisational Development The Training for Trainers on organisational development aims to create and consolidate a strong team of organisational development trainers for the CCIVS with representatives in the 4 regions. Participants will be experienced trainers and professionals, who have the perspective and are prepared to gain knowledge and later perform organisational development training with other organisations. Trainers who have participated in the former STEP edition, and are ready to perform future development trainings in their regions.
(May 2019)
Rome, Italy
Hosted by YAP Italy
On field Training Exchanges in Europe Trainers from America, Asia, Africa, will participate after the TfT in on-field trainings with European organisations.
In the first part of the training exchange, an expert and a trainee will provide a 3 days training on organisational development to an European organisation.
In the second part of the training exchange, trainees will stay for 7-10 days in the host organisation, doing a professional exchange in order to strengthen the strategic needs discovered in both parts during STEP trainings.
Participants to the TofT on OD

(May-June 2019)
France -SJ
Hungary- Egyesek
Estonia -EstYES
Italy- YAP
Catalunya- SCI

STEP in Asia
STEP in Africa
They contain an international training on organisational development for board members and professionals from the region (which includes also, with the Pentagon method, a diagnosis per organisation and of the region); and a field visit, to perform in-depth training for each organisation, assessment and (in some cases) impact measurement. Hosted by:
VSA Thailand
VWAN Nigeria
STEP MooC/ STEP online The STEP MooC will be an organisational development training of 6 weeks of duration (1 day a week).
The STEP MOOC /STEP online has the ambition to promote the impact and presence of the STEP proposal, by developing a tool/method/system which allows to train IVS organisations in different regions.
(October 2019)
Hosted by Egyesek
Monitoring of participants, monitoring of organisations, monitoring of network strategies The project will set up a system of follow-up for those trainers trained in the TFT, on specific competences which are considered strategical.
A follow-up also for organisations participating in the STEPs, on the conclusions of assessments done during the field visits.
Work will be done also among IVS networks to orientate and follow up the strategies related to a Monitoring and Empowerment system for CCIVS.
(oct '19-feb'20)

We expect that through the participation of members, we will achieve both an important empowerment, increase of capacities and opportunities within the organisations, and also an empowerment for the movement, consolidating the CCIVS capacity in every region to train and monitor the members well-being.

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