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Short impressions of our participants!

At the end of the seminar, we asked our participants to anonymously summarize their impressions in as few words possible. Here are the messages they left us: “Seminar was insightful, rich with info & sharing of details & ideas for future cooperation!”  “Engaging seminar, participatory and full of dynamics!” “Everything was perfect!” “Nice people, I never laughed and […]

Day three in Laguépie

The Contact 2 Participation seminar in Laguépie was meant to provide not just theoretical, but also a practical insight into the topic of Mediterranean cooperation. Our participants come from IVS organisations and mutual cooperation can mainly be established through concrete field actions. On the third day, we wanted to get better acquainted with the projects of […]

2 sides writing the blog – Staša Benko (Zavod Voluntariat)

Since we have repeatedly declared the participants of the ”Contact 2 Action” project being on an equal footing with its organisers, it is only logical to include them in the creation of this blog as well. For start, we are bringing you the impressions of Staša Benko, a participant representing the organisation Zavod Voluntariat from Slovenia. Staša made a […]

Day 2 – Improvement of cooperation as a 2-sided process

The declared goal of the ”Contact 2 Participation” project is to improve youth cooperation and participation in the Mediterranean area. CCIVS strongly believes that such ambitions cannot be achieved without a universal involvement of interested parties. This idea however should not be respected only as a general principle, but put in practice from the most […]

Day One in 2 parts – Part 2

Tuesday afternoon started with the so-called Moving debate. The participants were divided into two groups. Each group had a series of statements which they had to discuss among each other, develop opinions and draw conclusions in order to present them to all the participants in the end.  The topics of Moving debate were closely related to […]

Day One in 2 parts – Part One

After the arrival of participants and first contact makings on Monday, the program of the Contact2Action seminar started on Tuesday in its full capacity. The City Hall of the picturesque French town Laguépie served as a venue of first consultations and group activities. Participants on their way from the hosting centre to the City Hall where the […]

Contact 2 Participation seminar opened on 8th of December in Laguépie, France

The seminar ”Contact Making to Youth Participation; the Strengthening of a Culture of Peace Focusing on Active Participation and Social Inclusion among Young People in the EU And The Southern Mediterranean” started on Monday, 8th of December, with reception of the participants and first contact making among the organisations. The representatives additionally had an opportunity […]

volunteers, staff and ivs organisations all over the world say: stop bombing gaza!

International Voluntary Service (IVS) volunteers, staff, organisations and networks are participating to raise the voice and contribute to stop the violence and injustice in Gaza and the Middle East.     In this blog you will find their individual contributions, the explanation of our campaign and our manifesto, the signatory organisations, the role of IVS […]

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