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Euro-MEDA IVS organisations’ recommendations for future cooperation

International Voluntary Service (IVS) organisations which participated in the Campaign “Contact Making to Youth Participation; the Strengthening of a Culture of Peace Focusing on Active Participation and Social Inclusion among Young People in the EU and the Southern Mediterranean” launched by CCIVS in 2014-2015 and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, wrote recommendations for future cooperation. […]

UN Women action briefs (pre-training PAW part 3)

In this page prepared for the Itinerary towards the Peace Week on Gender, Sexuality and body, you can download the briefs by UN Women about their action: > UN Women_Economic empowerment_E-Thematic-Brief_US-web pdf > UN Women Governance BriefUSweb pdf > UN Women_women’s leadership_LGThemBriefUSwebrev2 pdf > UN Women_peace and security_ BRIEFThematicPSUSwebREV3 pdf > UN Women_ending violence on […]

Poem – Can Masdeu

Can Masdeu Can Masdeu above sky and sea Cling to cliff face in rain and wind, Embrace community caring for place, Tending the plants that create your earth; Baby’s cry and children’s laughter, Bronzed citizens hearts devoted, hands tool laden Nourish the land that lives and breathes. Can Masdeu above sea and sky Cling to […]

Refugee Centre Linin

There are 11 centres for asylum seekers in Poland. Most of the refugees in Poland are Chechens, Ukrainians and Georgians. Linin is a small town close to the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The refugee centre located there is the biggest refugee centre in the country. 400 asylum seekers can be accommodated there. This year 10 […]

To remember! (Chełmno, near Łódź)

The German Kulmhof Death Camp in Chełmno on Ner was the first instant mass extermination centre for Jewish in Warthegau. It was opened in December 1941 and operated over two periods until 1945. The most probable number of murdered people there is approximately 200,000. The mission of the Museum in Chełmno is to cultivate the […]

Peace Week Barcelona: Final Day

READ MORE about PEACE WEEK BARCELONA: Imagine you live in a place you don’t own and police may come anytime to evict you. You don’t even have the electricity so you can only see your room in the daylight. If you want your shower or toilet to work you have to fix it yourself but the water will probably […]

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